The Father's Feathers Story

Charli_Addi Pic.jpg

In 2013, I met Chloe Townsend. She had a contagiously kind spirit about her, and I immediately wanted to know more about this glow I saw in her. Shortly after our introduction, Chloe shared her life story with me. I was deeply moved as she recounted the loss of her mother to cancer when Chloe was only 14 years old. Additionally, she clearly had walked a powerful journey of faith in the face of such an enormous loss for a young girl. Part of her mom’s battle with cancer included a beautiful story about feathers and Psalm 91:4. After hearing this story, I started noticing feathers EVERYWHERE. Sometimes I would snap a picture and text Chloe to tell her I was thinking of her and loved her. Seeing these feathers reminded me of how God is constantly present, even in the small yet beautiful things we don't stop to notice, such as random feathers. 

In 2015, my sweet Charli Kay (18 months old) began taking an unexpected and special interest in feathers. She would bring them to me and ask me to rub her face or arms with them. At this point, I could not ignore this constant nudge from the Lord to do something with the beautiful story I had heard from Chloe about feathers. I began praying and dreaming about what to do. I had been wanting to write a lullaby about God’s love to sing over my babies as they grew, so I began working on a melody.  With the help of some genius music friends, the song came to life. 

To accompany the lullaby, I wanted to write a children’s book about the legacy of a mother's love illustrated by none other than Chloe. The process of creating this book is a dream come true. I have felt God’s constant presence and generous love through the ups and downs of bringing this dream to life.  My prayer for this song and book is that children of all ages will hear and read these words for generations and know that God is with us ALWAYS.

My deepest gratitude to all of the people who helped make this dream come true: Caleb Panter, Chloe Townsend, Aaron Keyes, David Walker, Cameron Walker, Sada Knowles, Lauren Lozano. THANK YOU!